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Dick Sucker #122 is none other than Jackie Ashe. You may remember her. She’s been on a 2 year hiatus from Porno Land, and we were so thrilled when she appeared, suddenly, at the new Dick Suckers Studios! Eager to work after her long break, Miss Ashe discovered on-camera dick sucking is a lot like riding a bike — it’s something you don’t forget, even if you haven’t done so in a long time. She wasn’t even rusty! Jackie wore a cute skirt with no panties, so whenever the wind blew the right way, she was giving quite a show! Into a dank, old warehouse, Jackie slurped on a XXL-sized ding dong until it busted a huge nut all over her pretty face! Drenched! Nothing more important than The Money Shot, right?
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DickSucker 121: Natalie Norton
DickSucker 121: Natalie Norton @
Here we have our 121st DickSucker: Natalie Norton. We met Natalie in a bad part of town (take a look at the dumpsters and graffiti behind her). Instead of driving her 45 minutes in LA traffic to our normal shoot location, we just duck into a factory entrance and drop her to her knees. It’s a filthy location, down and dirty, but that’s the way we like our dirty movies here. Natalie doesn’t mind, either. Every once in a while The Girl Next Door likes to be treated like a dirty whore. If you don’t believe me, just ask! Did I mention The Money Shot? Natalie takes a doozie. Her eyes? Glued shut. But that’s the way we roll?
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Dick Sucker 120: Nicole Ray
Dick Sucker 120: Nicole Ray @
The hype is big on our 120th dick sucker, Nicole Ray. She’s brand new to the biz, but like I said, the buzz is all about this barely-legal slut from the mid-west. Does she have what it takes to be the next Bree Olson? The next Sasha Gray? Only time will tell, but — judging from this outstanding scene — chances are good she’s gonna be all over the place soon. Check out those barely-legal puffy nips, that super-cute face, her super sweet ass, and her eyes…she does a great job of looking directly into the camera with your dick in her mouth. Don’t worry about Nicole Ray cum dodging! She takes the load of a lifetime all over her teeny face without flinching. And when we tell you it was a load…brother, it was just like all the other Money Shots on The Dick Suckers…which is to say it was a massive pop shot!
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Dick Sucker 119: Morgan
Dick Sucker 119: Morgan @
You’ve never heard of Morgan, nor have you seen her, cause she’s so brand new to this that the other three scenes she’s shot haven’t seen the light of day…yet. She’s as amateur as they come, and we love them like that. A bit shy, but certainly not about sucking cock, as she shows us all today. We’ve really been caught up in this whole swallow / facial debate, too, so today we had Morgan swallow her first one, and then we had a fellah who calls himself "Face Blaster" do exactly do — blast Morgan’s face into next week. It’s all about The Money Shot, right? So enjoy these two, my brothas!!!
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Dick Sucker 118: Ricki White
Dick Sucker 118: Ricki White @
Ricki White showed up at our studios the other day to suck some dick, and I can’t tell ya how excited we were. We all feel Ricki is one of the most under-rated performers in the biz today, and this scene is just another example. First off, check out Ricki’s super sweet double D fun bags! They’re perfect to suck on and to stick your cock between to fuck. But it doesn’t end there. Ricki’s ass should have its own national holiday. Simply put, it’s superb. Beyond measure. Check out her dick sucking skillz my friend. She has the skillz to pay the billz, that’s fur sure. Plus — you know The Dick Suckers is all about The Money Shot, and wait till you see today’s. With about a gallon of cum sprayed all over her pretty face, we force an orgasm out of Ricki using our special machine…this is a must-see!!
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Dick Sucker 117: Kiley Hart
Dick Sucker 117: Kiley Hart @
If you like your dick suckers amateur and petite and blonde with big fake tits, you’re gonna love Dick Sucker #117 — Kiley Hart. This is only the 4th time she’s ever appeared on camera, and while she appears a bit meek and mild-mannered, it’s only because she’s not used to showing off her BJ skillz for the whole world to see. She’s a mid-western girl, and she’s soft-spoken, and boy oh boy can she use her mouth to make a cock erupt in man-goo. Speaking of man-goo, you know how much weight The Money Shot carries at this site, so we do our best to hire only the biggest load shooters…so just wait till you witness the white-washing that takes place all over cute Kiley Hart’s face. It’s even better in slow-motion. Enjoy, my brothas!!
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Dick Sucker 116: Aliana Love
Dick Sucker 116: Aliana Love @
Aliana Love. What a hottie. She’s this week’s dick sucker too — #116 to be exact — and boy, does she love to blow. Her enthusiasm for making men blow their loads is renowned, and it goes way back in her history. I don’t know what I like better: her big brown eyes, her full red lips…or her soft, pink tongue, while it’s gliding over 8 inches of fat dick. Speaking of dick, today’s stunt cock fucked Sweet Aliana’s mouth hard, in several different positions, before painting her face white. What a masterpiece, too! By the end of the scene, she’s literally coated in jizz. That’s how we roll here at The Dick Suckers…it’s The Money Shot or nothing, and today, Aliana takes a huge one, all over her beautiful face!
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Dick Sucker 115: Beaue Marie
Dick Sucker 115: Beaue Marie @
I think I’m in love, and her name is Beaue Marie. I think I found my future ex-wife, and her name is Beaue Marie. I could go on and on, but let’s just say I think one of the hottest girls working the porn game right now is a tender hottie named Beaue Marie. She’s a strawberry blonde teenager — almost 20 — and she’s simply perfect. There’s nothing fake about her. Beaue’s tits are real. So’s her hair, as is her love of dick sucking. Wanna hear something funny? Beaue *only* swallows. She loves cum so much there’s only one place for it, in her mind: down the hatch. After her big swallow for us, we had her take one more — a massive facial…all the while cumming on The Sybian. What a scene! Chalk this up in one (of many) classic BJ scenes available only here, at the world famous, world’s premiere oral site:!
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